Practical advice on the science of

Superior Hiring & Promotions

from 30 years as a workforce advisor.

Do This:

Apply science-based hiring and manager promotion processes

Ensuring all process components are validated, well-defined, and have a specific purpose results in a 3x more effective formula for predicting job performance.

  • Treat all candidates fairly and professionally

  • Use a valid, fair, and standardized hiring process

  • Monitor interviewers for quality and conduct interviewer refresher training if needed

  • Audit all interview and test materials to ensure they are up-to-date, user-friendly, based on a job analysis, and legally validated

  • Ensure selection processes are working well by assessing turnover, supervisor responses, new hire performance quality, team morale and engagement

Not That:

Use incorrect hiring formulas and get expensive turnover

Traditional formulas overemphasize technical skills and underemphasize job competencies such as “initiative” and “quality focus”

  • Avoid “trick” questions in interviews and tests

  • Contrary to what you’ll find on some websites and blogs, there are no “magic” interview questions

  • Beware of rating patterns – if you can draw a straight line through all ratings, then you likely have rater bias

  • Reject “gut feeling” hiring decisions

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