Custom solutions deliver

Impressive Results

time after time.

We consistently receive feedback that our clients see both measurable improvements as well as positive cultural change from our scientific, research-based approach.

Let’s talk about your goals so we can help you get there faster.

Quantitative Improvements

  • Lower absenteeism

  • Higher productivity

  • Better quality

  • Decreased overtime expenses

  • Reduced recruiting and hiring costs

  • Shorter ramp-up and training time

Qualitative Impact

  • Improved customer relations

  • Happier managers

  • Stronger teams

  • Improved company reputation and brand

  • Greater workforce trust and confidence

  • Better ability to attract top talent

“Jeff combines a detailed knowledge of hiring processes with solid practicality and simplicity in execution. I have been very pleased with the processes and with the supporting training and education.”

Robert McClaugherty, SPHR

Executive Director, Human Resources Bridgestone Americas


White Paper:
Why Predictive Hiring is More Effective (PDF)

Case Study:
Low 12% Material Handler Turnover (PDF)

Case Study:
60% Worker Turnover Descrease (PDF)

Case Study:
Top Employees Successfully Retained (PDF)

5 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Better Hiring Decisions (PDF)

New and Innovative Way to Meet Workforce Challenges (PDF)

Focus Point:
Highly Accurate Hiring Interview Contributes to Supply Chain Value-Creation (PDF)

“I have worked with Jeff on several talent selection projects over the last few years. Jeff has brought to the table an array of precision instruments and industry best practices to help guide our company in making better employment selections. Jeff shares his vision on what that final product should look like, and then rolls up his sleeves with you to make that vision reality.”

Darrick Fisher

Senior Manager, CarlsonicKansei North America

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