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Take Your Workforce to the Next Level

With 30 years experience utilizing psychology-based solutions to help companies of all sizes and industries overcome their workforce challenges, we provide the tools that take your workforce to the next level:

Proven Research


Using 100 years of scientific research as the foundation, we begin by building a solid framework for decisions that minimizes guesswork about what direction to take.



We dive deep to identify and address critical beneath-the-surface issues that make the difference between success and failure.



Together, we develop and implement custom-fit solutions that address your unique company culture and goals and consistently deliver impressive business results.

Business Psychologist
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Hire Wisely

Hire Wisely

Having an effective hiring process is essential. New hiring processes have shorter pay-back periods and are much less disruptive to current workforce productivity compared to other workforce improvement strategies like additional training, increased compensation and benefits.

“80% of turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions”
– Harvard Business Review

Hire Wisely: Here’s How

The value created by investing in hiring better employees and promoting better managers is well established. Klawsky has a proven track record of reducing employee turnover by up to 50%. We help you:

  • Uncover the biggest impact of employee turnover at your company

  • Keep employees engaged at work

  • Reduce costs while improving quality

“One of the things that sold me on Klawsky’s services was the fact that we would be provided a RECIPE BOOK on hiring, including a step-by-step guide to follow the process along with actual interview questions.”

Engage Top Talent
Engage Top Talent

Engage Top Talent

Engagement is highly linked to supervisory relationships, leadership trust, and organizational culture. To be engaged, employees must trust leadership.

Companies with the highest rates of employee engagement are 21% more profitable than their peers.

Factors that Help Improve Employee Engagement

Engage Top Talent: Here’s How

We use internet-based assessments, in-person development exercises, written tests, and behaviorally-based processes to dial in to what is needed for supervisors and leaders to increase employee engagement. Our science-based approach:

  • Uncovers each supervisor’s unique motivations and work styles that directly impact engagement

  • Elevates trust, relationships, and connections between employees and their supervisors

  • Invests in and helps retain your top talent

Improve Retention

Improve Retention

Employee turnover costs 50% of annual entry-level salary

  • Lost productivity
  • Co-worker and customer dissatisfaction
  • Hiring/training/ramp-up time/expenses
Manager with team
Develop Managers

Develop Managers

Why are there so many bad bosses?
Good performance does not always make a good leader, and many companies unintentionally promote top-performing employees who aren’t prepared to manage. When companies are strategic and intentional about developing their managers, they reap the benefits of lower employee turnover and increased performance.

While technical positions need problem solving skills, new Supervisors and Managers need to be taught a new way to think about the work. They need help to shift from being the “job expert” to leading.

Develop Managers: Here’s How

Utilizing skill development assessments, Klawsky helps you prepare employees to be successful managers.

  • Identify soft skills needed to manage effectively

  • Reduce hiring and onboarding time and expenses

  • Prepare the business for growth

Improve Retention

Improve Retention

“52% of employees who left their company believed their manager or organization could have done something to prevent their exit.”

Elevate Leaders

When leaders work with a seasoned Business Psychologist as their advisor and coach, the results advance to an entirely new level. Drawing on a century of scientific research coupled with three decades of personal experience, leaders reap the benefits of coaching through the concrete transformation they experience.

This distinctive approach is successful primarily due to our straight-forward process, one which is easy to understand, practical to implement, and quick to demonstrate value. We combine ‘telling the truth that needs to be told’ with actionable solutions that move leaders forward at an accelerated pace.

Elevate Leaders: Here’s How

We utilize business-focused personality assessments, conduct one-on-one interviews, and gather information about the company’s culture to fully understand each leader’s unique challenges and construct a customized approach to address the issues they face. As a leader, you can expect:

  • Actionable solutions to real problems, such as dealing with problem employees

  • Real-world examples to help explain why particular approaches succeed or fail

  • Unrelenting focus on root-cause issues that are at the heart of most leadership challenges

Improve Retention

Improve Retention

63% of millennials believe they aren’t being fully developed as leaders by their employers.